Rental Conditions

. (here in called the Lessor) agrees to rent the vehicle desdribed on the Rental Agreement (here in called the Vehicle) to the person whose name, last name, adress and signature appears on the on this contract ( here in Renter) By siging this contract the Renter agrees to the General Rental Conditions ( rental feei returning station and renatal period etc.) and pay total rental amound and revelant charges.
1- Renter will return the Vehicle with all its equipment and documents in good order and condition to the station where she/he picked it up or else as to other station as stated on the contract no leter than the date and the lime agreed.
2-The Renter agrees that the vecicles was received in good working condition and there are no damage nor accident makrs on the Vehicle (with the exception of the ones noted on the Rental Agreement).
3-The Renter agrees not to use the vehicle in the loowing manner an purpose(S);
a)To transport goods in violation of the Turkish Republic Custome an other revelant Requiations and laws.
b)To drive illegal yor in similar manners in violation of Republic of Turkey.Hiqway as well as Customs Regulations and Laws.
c)To carry passengers and/or propely for a consşderation.
d)To tow, propely or carry any vehicle or trailer.
e)To drive in any motorsporting event including but not limited to rallying, racing and speed testing etc.
f)To drive while under the the influence of alcohol or drugs.
g)The Vehicle may not be driven abroad.
4-The Vehicle shall only be driven by the person whose name appears on the contract who hoids a valid drivers licence for a minimum of one year.The Lessor must be notified in writing in advance of any addtional driver(s) and their name and drivers licence information must appear on the rental agreement. An additional charge may apply for each additional driver.The age limit may differ with the type of car being rented. Lessor reserves the right to deny rental without any explanation.
5-The renter is responsible for the follwing payments;
a)Full rental amount based on price agreed and noted on the Rental Agreement multiplied by the total number of rental days along with all applicable taxes (V.A.T. erc. Advance)determined by Law.
b)CDW(Collission Damage Waiver), PAI (Personel Accident Insurance) and TP (Theft Protection) charges accepted by the Renter by initialing the relevant box on the Rental Agreement.(Total cost calculated by multiplying the number of rental days with the total of optional insurance purchased per day)
c)Extra charges such as any applicable One Way free (it any) as specified on the Rental Agreement if the vehicle is left al a location without the written consent of the lessor other than the location stated on the agreement; a feestated on the current rate folder per kilometer from the nearest rental office to the location where the vehicle was dropped of will be collected along with ant other extra charges that may incur such as parking fee, etc. Baby seat(s), fuel charge noted on the Rental Agreement plus a service charge to be determined by the lessor if the vehicle is returned to a rental station with less than a full tank of fuel at the end of the rental.
d)The total cost of damage in case of an accident if the renter has not agreed to purchase CDW. Also in the event of an accident if it is determined by the authorities that the rneter was driving under the influence of alcohol and durgs and is fined for such reasons along with disobeying local traffic laws and regulations, the lessor has the right to ask for full cost of repairs and any other expense including loos of rental days incurred there of. The lessor reservers the right to ask for indemnification in such case(s).
e)In case the vehicle is stolen and the renter has not purchased TP. The renter is responsible for paying fort he full cost of the stolen vehicle or any of its stolen compenents tuily.
f)All fines and legal costs for any and all trafic violations (including but not limşted to OGS/HGS bridge and / or highway toll violations) and legal expenses related to these.
g)Lessor expenses incurred during collection of rental and extra cost payments due from the renter hereunder.
h)All fines and legal fees for any traffic or any other violations during the rental period expect the those caused by the lault and negligence of the lessor.
i)A deposit to cover the total cost of rental as well as miscellaneous extra charges will be collected froom the renter.
6-The Renter is responsible for taking all necessary precautions by leaving the vehicle always locked and in safe places when not in use, in case of theft, the renter is required to return the kes(s) along with the registration and the insurance documents of the vehicle. If the vehicle is recovered within 45 days without any damage (to be determined by a service expert), the lessor may charge the rental along with all of the applicable fees fort he duration from the beginning of the rental unit the vehicle is found; if the vehicle is not recovered within 45 days, the lessor reserves the right to charge the full market value of the vehicle.
7)The Renter is reponsiblefor returning all official documents (registration and the insurance documents of the vehicle at the end of the rental. Otherwise the Lessor will charge the renter the rental fe efor the time it takes to recover the documents and fort he replacerrent cost if the documents are lsot.
8-Renter is liable to pay the lessor the rental fe efor the full period along with all expenses to recover the vehicle if for any reason the vehicle is confiscated by law enforcement agents whether the renter is at faul tor not.
9-It is the renters responsibililty to pay for fuel, maintenance and repair costs of the vehicle duringthe rental period. Periodical maintenance of the vehicle and costs of replacenent of parts due to normal ware and tear is the reposnsibbility of of the lessor providing invoice is submitted for such expenses. The Renter pays fort he repair and maintenance work as a result of negligence and misuse of the vehicle, tire change due to punctures, damagesdue to freezing or similar events and the cost of transporting the vehicle to the main office as a result of theses as well asthe total rental charge fort he time that the Vehicle is unoperational.
10-Renter releases lessor from and aganist any liability for loss or damage to any property (including costs releting there to) left,stored or transported by renter or any other person in or upon the vehicle before, during the rental or after return of the vehicle is unoperational.
11-Minimum rental period is 1 day which is 24 hours. Weekly rental is 7 days and monthly rental is 30 days.
12-Lessor reserves the right to revoke the contract end the contract any time and not extend the contract with no prior explanation nor notice.
13-Lessor and renter both agree to preserve their mutual benefils in tracing their rights aganist a third party, authorizing to represent each other in proportion with their rights and be responsible for judicial expenses in this proportion.
14-The renter under no condition may turno  ver his rights nor the vehicle arising from this agreement, its equipment, parts and tools to Third Parties nor can he/she use these to cause harm to the lessor in anyway. Insuch case (s) the lessor can and will seek indemnification.
15-All kinds of property and medical expenses for either the passengers in the car or the third parties has limits that are described in the compulsory Third Party Insurannce policy.The Renter is responsible fort he amounts exceeding the above mentioned limits.
16-Renter  shall not be held liable for damages is the vehicle if she/he accepts and pays the C.D.W. fe efor  the duration of the rental.However the Renter shall be held liable to pay for damages which are not crovered due to the renters non compliance with the terms and Conditions of the insurance policy. The cost of rental time loss fort he vehicle is not covered by the insurance and renter pays fort he full cost based on the regular per day rental rate.
To protect the interest of the lessor and the insurance company, fort he insurance to be validİ
a)The renter must report any accident, theft of whole or parts of the vehicle immedialety to the nearest legal lawenforcement authority (traficpolice or gendermerie) and to obtain a detailed accident incident report.These reports must be submitted to the lessor within 24 hours of the incident / accident.
b)obtaining the names and adresses of parties involved and of the witnesses if any.
c)Unless medically not able to do so, the renter must report the incident/accident to the lessor immediately.Lessor immediately.Lessor reserves the right to collect any damages from the renter in proportion with the renters fault. Less as result of items being stolen ( suchas radio, spare tire, car jack etc.) from the vehicle is noyt covered by insurance and is  a direct responsibility of the renter.
d)All insurance(s) are valid only fort he duration of the rental period shown on the Rental Agreement.Unless an extension is agreed by the Lessor, the renter can not claim any rightsin case of any incidents, losses and damages.
e)Lessor may not be heid responsible for any accidents caused by the  renter and the property carried by the renter if the renter causes the accident while driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Is under the legal driving age limit, does not have a valid drivers licence and operates the vehicle in an illegal manner.
f)Not being able to benefit fully or partially from the insurance company fort he injury or damage not altributed to his/her fault.Lessor reserves the right to collect damages and or loss from the renter.
g)Tire punctures, headlight/tail lights and any glass breeakage are not covered by insurance.
17-Any addition(s) or alterations(s) to these term and condutions shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by both parties.This agreement takes precedence over all other agreements and/or protocols signed before between the lessor and the renter.
18-The renter agrees to pay%15 penalty on top of the total invoice amount fort he delay in payment without any prior notice.
19-In case of any disputes between the copies of th Rental Agreement, the first and the orginal page will be considered valid and legal.
20-Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be settied by the courts i İSTANBUL.
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